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Namesfx Customer Testimonials

Namesfx customer testimonial

The Project

A website selling download-able music in the form of mp3’s the colours of the website must reflect the industry, with personalise images of the artists used throughout, the owner only had 2 main concerns 1. The music must be safe from un-authorised download and 2. PayPal setup has to be included.



1. To attract new customers
2. Have the look for a particular niche market
3. Sell MP3’s safely
4. Setup and configure PayPal
5. Provide contact details



The Solution

A versatile design with flash banners, fully mobile and tablet compliant, and a robust shopping cart configured to allow only secure download, with a not transferable download link policy, and of course PayPal was configured, don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Customer Feedback

This is a great website for professionals and start-up alike and this is a great company, I got my website in no time and the customer service was TERRIFIC and I will be order landing pages and promotional items for my website again in the next couple of weeks now that I know how good the products and service are, thank you Mr. Web”