Website Design Services

Namesfx website services

Services are when you don’t need a full website, just a re-mod or new plug-in installation and setup to add new features to your website e.g. Managing Bookings, Managing Events, Promotions, Ecommerce, Hiring Equipment, Shopping Carts, List Building etc.

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General Website Payment £200 .00

Pay anything up to £200.00.

Website Page Design 1 Page £75 .00

Landing page or promotional item page, we have the designs to get web travellers to stay and complete your call of action.

Google Adsense £60.00

Add Google Adsense to you website

Logo Design Samples £15.00

Get a professional logo designed sample, tell us about your business, your vision and Sit back and relax. It’s that simple.

Members and Community Area £40.00

Add membership to your website, and allow people to subscribe and build your community, Subscriptions can be free or paid membership easily controlled from your website admin.

Design & Copywriting per page £45.00

We design and Copywriting individual pages for your website, to make sure your message is clear and leads to your call of action

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword £75.00

Grow your business naturally we provide 4 organic keywords to grow and promothe on search engines to get you the highest results

Brand Design Research £65.00

Researching your brand design in context of your values, your preferences, your target market and your competitors is critical to creating a brand that will stand out and succeeded with the target audience.

Custom Business Card Design 1 Card £60.00

Business cards may be old school in today’s digital market, but in the world of face time sales and networking, they are the best, there is no better media that says more about you and your business than these traditional calling cards

Upload products to website £0.50 per product (minimum order 20)

Need help adding products to your shopping cart, we can handle it, we have a compressive price range to suit your needs.